Crooked Consultants Act to be Introduced in the Canadian Parliament

A new law has been introduced by Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, according to which it would be a crime for any individual to provide services on immigration would being registered.

The law known as the Crooked Consultants Act would be introduced in the Parliament. The act would permit the authorities of the law enforcements to press charges against the Ghost Consultants who indulge in fraudulent activities but are never caught.

With the law in place, these criminals could be fined up to $50,000 along with imprisonment for two years after being convicted. All the fraudulent consultants would now be arrested who have exploited so many prospective immigrants in the past. Over the years, a racket has been formed of such people offering fake advice and catering to false documents.

As of now, the officers from the Canadian Border Services Agency and the RCMP are permitted to catch the unauthorized agents who have faked their names on the applications for immigration or refugees as their legal representatives. At the same time, these people never let themselves be identified on the official documents; otherwise they would fall on the radar.

The outcome of what has been done by these fraudulent people is inflicted on the applicants where in their cases are rejected with no fault of their own. They end up loosing money and their dreams of building a better life completely shattered.

Thus, it is of high importance that any applicant who wishes to immigrate has to ensure that he seeks the services of a registered representative. This is because the Canadian government is specific on dealing with registered immigration representatives or they reject the application without any further explanation.

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