Religious Leaders Criticize Arizona Immigration Law!

This time, religious leaders in the United States and Latin America have criticized Arizona’s law pertaining to immigration. This legislation requires security agencies to raise question any outsiders about their immigration status, given the former have doubts on the latter’s status, whether they entered the United States lawfully or not. Ever since the announcement of the law, it has drawn many controversies, religious entities being the latest.

A minister of Church from Mexico criticized the law as being an inhuman step by the Arizona government. According to many civil rights activists Arizona’s new law would be instrumental in cropping up widespread discrimination against people when it comes to Hispanics. The law is slated to go into force on 29 July. It seems that the Arizona legislation would consider people who do not have proper immigration credentials as criminals.

The chief of the US bishops’ committee on migration asserted that the Arizona law would lead to racial discrimination, as well as create rifts between security agencies and immigrant communities in Arizona. The worst part of the new legislation is that it allows the state police to arrest someone based on their external appearance. He too strongly believes that the law is completely anti-humanitarian.

Arizona’s immigration law would not make it harder for international people to immigrate, but also the people from the other states of the United States. Since the time of the declaration of this legislation, there have been outrageous reactions among many communities. The law goes into effect next month.

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