Great demand for Registered Nurses in Canada!

As a Registered Nurse, migrating and settling in Canada is an excellent opportunity for you. Canada is currently facing an acute shortage for Registered Nurses. This shortage is created because a growing population in Canada is aging, as well as, there has been emphasis on preventive measures for efficient healthcare. Moreover, a large number of nurses retire every year or some are also required for training and in education sectors.

Although the demand extends nation-wide, some areas in Canada have well pronounced shortage:

Ontario: The provincial government has provided CDN$10 million to those who pursue PhD in nursing, to encourage the entry of highly skilled nurses in Canada. Areas like Kingston, Muskoka seem very promising.

British Columbia: In the next five years, there are chances of generation of up to 6900 vacancies. British Columbia is facing difficulty for filling up registered nurse positions. The number of graduating nurses is insufficient to meet the growing demand.

Alberta: As per the Alberta wage and salary survey, around 43% of the employees are facing difficulty in filling up positions for this profession.

Specializations in the nursing field

The specializations in this field are extensive, some are

  • Clinical nurse
  • Intensive care nurse
  • Graduate nurse
  • Critical care nurse
  • Occupational health care nurse
  • Registered psychiatric nurse
  • Nursing consultant
  • Nursing researcher
  • Private duty nurse
  • Nurse specialist

Minimum qualifications as a registered nurse

  • Completion of an approved program at university/college
  • Relevant experience depending on your specialization
  • Masters/doctoral degree is needed for certain specializations
  • You need to be registered by a provincial/territorial regulatory body

This occupation is highly paid in Canada

This profession is placed in the Canadian priority list of occupations. As a registered nurse you will be paid up to CDN$40 an hour.

You will be working for any of the following

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Private companies
  • Private homes
  • Community centers

You can also be self employed.

Registered Nurses are primary care providers. They care for patients and spread awareness. It is a very fulfilling occupation. Abhinav believes in offering the best visa consultation services since 1994, we look forward to assisting you in your immigration plans and more.

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