Illegal Migrants of Indian Origin Arrested in UK!

An immigration raid in UK led to the arrest of 6 Indian nationals. These people have been arrested on charges of violation of laws pertaining to immigration. These people would now be subject to deportation. About 20 officers from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) received information from an inside source which led them to raid two wholesalers in Hayes Road, Southall, London.

According to the officials, the five Indian men were arrested at the Jaystar. These men belonged to the age group of 24 to 33 years. Of the five, two of them had entered the nation illegally. The other three men had overstayed their visa. Another Indian national was arrested from the A1 Veg Ltd. He was 26 years of age.

The employers of these undocumented men would be fined as high as 10,000 pounds for each employee. They could only evade the fine provided they prove that the relevant checks were carried out and that they did all the efforts as required by the law.

As per the UKBA, these illegal migrants would be removed from the nation. All the measures would be taken for these men to be deported. A warning has been give by John Lang, the Assistant Director of the UKBA to all the businesses operating in that particular area. This warning was given to make sure that these employers do the necessary checks on their immigrant staff which is a must as per the law.

As per the Assistant Director, the success has been constant when it comes to targeting illegal workers in this particular area. Similar operations are being planned for the future. Play by the rules is his message for the businesses functioning in that area. They are requested to the status of their staff. This is because they are equally responsible for illegal worker and would be charged with huge fines. However, they would have to undergo criminal prosecution incase they purposely employ an illegal migrant.

Above all, cracking the roots of illegal migration seems to have become an important aspect for the authorities at the UKBA. With more raids and checks being conducted than ever, an illegal migration seems tougher than ever.

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