Growing Trends in Population for Canada!

It is being projected by the government of Canada the population of the nation would increase tremendously. The main reason behind this is immigration which has become a factor more than what was expected to be in the past.

Initially, it was being projected that by 2035, the total population of the nation would be around 39.4 million. However, now it seems the projections have increased. As of now, it is being anticipated a growth reaching 43.5 million by 2035. In 2010, many updated population counts along with new forecasts for population would be brought about. So, throughout the next years that 2011 and 2012, the results from findings conducted in 2010 would tabulated for different nations.

British Columbia is the fastest growing province in Canada. It ranks the highest with a forecast of 7 million people by 2036. So, by that time the nation would be ranked between 33rd and 38th position for the most populous nations in the world.

However, the above estimations cannot be considered as final. More revisions would be done with the current estimates moving upwards. This is because as a nation, Canada is prospering in the oil industry. This is especially in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. More so, when it comes to natural gas, British Columbia is prospering.

With the current growth trends in place and with the constant rise in the population, it would not be wrong in saying that the nation’s population would be around 60 to 75 million by 2050. Such a population would place the nation at 25th position in the world when it comes to population. This would also exceed the expected population for nations such as UK or France.

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