One Tamil Woman Released from Detention!

Of the 492 Tamil migrants who recently landed in Canada on a Thai cargo ship, a pregnant woman is the first of the immigrants to be released from the immigration detention. This woman has been detained since August when MV Sun Sea landed with 443 adults and 49 children at Victoria. All the people on board intend to remain in Canada as refugees.

On the other hand, the federal government is trying to seek detention for these migrants. The main reason behind such an intention is that these migrants have not been able to shoe proof of their identities. More so, these people also have to demonstrate that they are not members of the Tamil Tigers which is an outlawed organization in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers are considered as a terrorist group by the Canadian authorities.

However, the lawyers of the woman in question were successful in arguing that she should be permitted so that she could ensure proper care of her three children. This also includes one child with severe head injury. The woman in question cannot be named due to the publication ban which has been imposed.

At the same time, the woman is also suffering from serious arm impairment which she is supposed to have sustained during a bomb blast in Sri Lanka. She came to Canada with her husband and children who are still in custody with the other people who came on the ship. They are being detained at the Fraser Valley.

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