Canadian Immigration Attractive Option for US Doctors!

More number of doctors from the United States are planning to migrate to Canada. This has come about with many of the doctors believing that Canada is an attractive place when it comes to work. In a trend being followed, it could be easily seen that more number of doctors are migrating to Canada from the United States while the number of doctors leaving Canada itself is reduced.

According to the figures brought out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the number doctors walking into Canada has increased than the number of them leaving the nation each year. This trend has been noticed for the last five years.

The news has been taken as quite a surprise because for years together, Canada has witnessed many of its trained doctors relocating to the United States. The nation has been facing this problem from as early as the 1990s. This was when the health reforms in Canada instigated doctors from Canada to immigrate to the United States.

On the other hand, health reforms in the United States seem to be facing a similar problem. With the effect of these reforms being unknown along with the aspect of remuneration, many doctors are being prompted to immigrate to Canada. This option seems to be the most attractive at this point of time.

Some cite the reason behind this as the health plan brought out by President Obama which is making the doctors in the United States flee. More so, even the doctors are shocked at the amount of money that they can make in Canada.

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