Filmmaker Vijay Kumar leaving for India!

Vijay Kumar, the Indian director, who was recently taken into custody in the United States and was ordered a jail sentence of 20 days for having connections with “jihadi” literature would be soon leaving for his home country, the same has been stated by his lawyer. In addition to that, he was accused of carrying brass knuckles in his baggage.

Attorney Grant Scheiner said that the concerned person is scheduled to leave for his home country in the next twenty four hours. He also confirmed that the director should be there in New Delhi within the next seven days as he has to land at two major stops before having a final stoppage in India

It would be ensured that the director reaches India in a safe manner. Hence, people are keeping a strict watch on this process so that the filmmaker leaves Houston in a safe manner.

Mr. Scheiner also said that the filmmaker being taken into custody was a mistake from the law authorities. Courtesy the boundaries and the regulations, the filmmaker was not able to get an early acquittal as he was bound by a procedural knot from the regulations of the country.

There was some misunderstanding in his differentiating between State Law and the laws concerned with carrying brass knuckles in baggage.

Now he has completed his custody period and is all set to leave for India.

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