Bowen, New Immigration Minister for Australia!

It has been announced by the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard that the nation has a new minister for immigration. Christopher Bowen has been declared to be responsible for the Ministry of Immigration in Australia. In response, Mr. Bowen has admitted to be completely surprised by his appointment.

When it comes to issue of Australia immigration, the problem of asylum seekers has been the main cause of concern. As per the critics, when it came to the election campaign of Julia Gillard, managing the asylum seekers was the biggest obstacle. More so, it has been reported that in a private function that the outgoing minister, Chris Evans said to the Prime Minister that the issue of immigration is bringing down the government. Mr. Bowen has already made it clear that dealing with the refugees would be his first priority.

With the new minister in place, all the new visa applicants have to keep a look out. This is because as per Mr. Bowen, to the increasing backlog of applications would be dealt with first. At the same time, the State Migration Plans would be completely authorized and would be published at a much faster rate.

Some of the official state websites have even indicated that there are chances of the Migration Plans be published. However, these plans are subject to change. These states include Victoria and ACT.

The Former Immigration Minister Chris Evans is now catering to the Department of Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations.

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