Word “Roma” Missing from the French Replacement Directive!

Immigration has been a major subject of debate and controversy throughout the world. With illegal migration being a major concern amongst the governments of the nations worldwide, specific measures and directives are being ordered to bring out the necessary results. With many immigrants from different parts of Europe and other parts of world residing in France, immigration has definitely become an issue to be monitored and controlled for the nation’s government.

France is definitely not novel to this issue. Revelations have been that officials in France being ordered single out ethnic Roma specifically. This is supposed to be a part of an extended security campaign.

Recently, a Replacement Directive has been signed by Brice Hortefeux, the Interior Minister. However, this directive does not have a mention of the word “Roma” anywhere. At the same time, no explanations have been given by the Ministry for this change. Though, the politicians from the opposition and humanitarian groups have spoken out against the documents which have been brought out earlier by the Interior Ministry. These documents were made public a few days back. More so, they have been termed as being potentially illegal and racist.

In between all the debate and outcry which has been coming about internationally, Éric Besson, the Immigration Minister has constantly assured that none of the measures being taken by the French government are targeted specifically at the Roma. He also said that the he is not aware of the order given out by the Interior Ministry.

There was much publicity regarding the destruction of Roma camps which were illegal which further led to deportation of many such people. This issue was publicized to a great extent by the French government.

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