Have Visa Issues in Australia?

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) well understands that at times some people may unknowingly overstay the validity of their visa, only to worry later what if they are caught. Now such people can relax; help is nearby.

Yes, if you are in Australia, and have either overstayed your visa or possess a Bridging Visa, you need not worry! Just seek and get advice from the concerned organization/officials to manage your specific state, and get out of the sticky situation.

As per the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), it has what it reportedly calls is a Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) which is 100% free even while it works with those who require to resolve matters with their visas.

Sharing the needed information on the subject, a spokesperson from the DIBP reportedly stated that it is always better to get in touch with the service and sort things out than be troubled about being in the nation, minus the right paperwork.

When one approaches the DIBP with an expired Australian visa, or a Bridging Visa E, he can be duly referred to the CSRS, in case he requires any kind of assistance to resolve his immigration matter.

A Community Status Resolution officer will be in a position to proffer the need information about the person’s immigration or departure choices, respond to his questions, and connect him with bodies for additional help, in case required, he elucidated.

In case a person co-operates Immigration Australia to resolve his particular immigration position, the immigration organization can offer him a Bridging Visa E. The same allows him to stay in the country for a short time while he duly finalizes his immigration issue, the spokesperson indicated.

He also reportedly elucidated that the DIBP frequently carries-out compliance movement to find out the persons residing in the society illegally. In case a person is found in the society, minus a visa, the chances of his detention and removal from Oz are pretty high. Not only this, he may also face a 3-year re-admission bar from making a trip to the nation for a second time, the spokesperson added.

As per the DIBP, there is a good option for individuals with unsettled visa matters—in case they are planning to leave Oz anyway, they can do the same at any time, even in case they lack a suitable visa.

The concerned body, namely, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), could be in a position to aid map a return home. But, those who landed in Australia unlawfully, by water-vessel, cannot submit an application for a further Bridging Visa.

The CSRS holds outreach meetings in some regional areas across Down Under even as individuals can approach the authorities at one of the said sessions to speak to a CSRS official.

The DIBP spokesperson indicated that the CSRS will offer clear and right details related to the fitting immigration or departure choices, answer his questions, and connect him with associations for more support, in case required.

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