Immigration Position of Trump Ignites Immigrant Charge to Acquire US Citizenship

The fear of the well-known Media Czar, and the Republican Nominee Donald Trump, looms large in the US and elsewhere. Many people in the US, especially the migrants, worry that he will become the next US president beating his rival Hillary Clinton. How to deny him the chance?

Well, several migrants reportedly believe if they can get the nation’s citizenship well in time, they can prevent him from triumphing over Hillary Clinton and becoming the next American president. So, it is hardly surprising that, as per the information brought out by the Associated Press, vis-à-vis the final months of the year gone by, citizenship petitions has headed north by 14% in the last six months of the previous year.

As mentioned before, there’s a real terror that Trump will storm to power and become the American President. And, with a view to prevent his quest for power, immigrants are submitting applications for citizenship facilitating them expectantly to cast their votes at the Presidential elections in the month of November 2016.

But, the road to getting citizenship is anything but simple even while several of those presenting petitions will allegedly be unable to become citizen in time.


What does Trump actually imagine? Or maybe, more significantly, what will he do in case he hits the bull’s eyes? The real estate magnate has disturbed so many individuals that it appears rather doubtful that he will ever get a shot at the top. He has saddened immigrants, minority groups, women…the list is long.

Though Trump enjoys the backing of several Republicans, he has also distressed numerous Republicans. In case he really becomes President–like with Obama–it cannot be denied that the US Congress will hardly permit him to perform his more acute plans.

There is also the likelihood that in point of fact he is a pretty liberal on the issue of immigration, and is only mouthing several of the extreme things he is stating only to obtain votes.

Immigrants Can Submit Application for US Citizenship Post 5 Yrs on Green Card

Lawful permanent residents meet the criteria to present an application for citizenship, if they have resided in the country for 5 years (3 years for those who are wedded to the citizens of the US). The form for application runs into 20 pages. Candidates have to duly submit to fingerprinting. It is also mandatory that they also successfully sail through a Civics & English test even as the US Government charges are 700 dollars.

Immigrants–who have lately begun the application procedure for citizenship–do not have much time to put forward it, in case they wish to cast their votes in the crucial November elections.

While in New York State, the cut-off date for registering to vote in the general election is October 14, if a potential voter gets citizenship soon, post the cut-off date, the new citizen has until October 29 to register on the Empire State voter rolls.

As per a customer agent from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), at present, the processing times for a petition for citizenship in the New York City takes a maximum of 8 months, taking petitions way past the time limit for enrolling to vote.

Outburst of Real Estate Tycoon against Aliens

His rise to the top of the polls for the Republican Party nomination has featured countless notorious observations aimed at immigrants, which has allegedly seen him term Mexican ‘rapists’, make threats to develop a wall on the US-Mexican border to keep immigrants out, and urging for a complete bar on the followers of Islam gaining admission into the nation.

Reportedly, he has also pledged to extradite the likely 11 million people presently staying in the country unlawfully.

9 Million Holders of Green Card Entitled for Citizenship

As per a report, the US has almost 9 million Green Card holders who meet the requirements to get hold of citizenship even as 4 million of them happen to be Hispanic.

According to a critic of Trump, when immigrant societies believe they are under attack, they respond with a large figure of entitled immigrants getting citizenship and a large figure of qualified citizens turning into voters.

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