All You Need To Know About US H-1B Visa Category

The US immigration through the H-1B Visa category is one of the most promising gateways to end up being in the US. This specific visa is specifically given to those individuals who can be of exceptional contribution in the field of biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, education, law, accounting, business specialities, theology, and the arts.

The employers back in the US may hire such employees who can help them with meeting with their industry needs for a specified period of time.

H-1B Visa Category News

India and the US Diplomacy on H1-B visa

The growing penchant of the US against India has given better opportunities to the Indians to delve in research and innovation, and there has been invitation given by the employers in the US to scholars under the H-1B Visa category.

But there has also been a great deal of contention on unacceptable visa fee hikes even while it has adversely impacted the pursuits of the migrants towards the visa acceptance and application.

The Ministry of Commerce in India is in close discussion with the President of the US to discuss upon the probable future of the H-1B Visa category. There have been charges levelled by New Delhi against the Washington DC that they are using the H1-B Visa to make quick money.

New Delhi is raising concerns that the border protection measures have definitely made it hard for the immigrants to make it to the US. The Indian Union has also come up hard on the concept of liberalization and globalization. The country has been contesting that when one is advocating the trade liberalization and free market economy, such measures of imposing high prices on the H1B Visa category for immigration to US would discourage the immigrants.

There has been an exponential rise on the visa fees for H1B and L1 Visa from last December, and at this point of time, average immigrants who want to avail the H1B and L1 Visa have to pay somewhere around 4,500 and 4,000 dollars for acquiring the visas.

The fees for the acquisition of the visas in the last year were 2,250 and 2,000 dollars subsequently for getting the visa. Such drastic rise is certain to give a shock to the immigrants.

Some Things to Know about the H1B visa

What is the H1B Visa cap?

Each and every visa comes with a specified number and so does the H1B Visa category. There are specific numbers of the H1B Visas which can be processed every year. At this point of time, some 65,000 visas are processed every year to facilitate non-immigrants to end up in the overseas hotspot.

What is the maximum validity of H1B Visa?

The maximum time period granted under the H1B visa category is three years. However, under specific circumstances, there is an additional leverage where the extension can be given for another three year.

Does H1B Visa category allow dependants to be brought along?

There is specific provision granted under the visa which enables the immigrants to take their dependent children below the age of 21 years along with them to the US. They will have to apply under the H-4 Visa category for the movement. The children of the H1B Visa holder are not allowed to work in the US but they can take up schooling there in.

How the filing of the H1B Visa is processed?

The filing of the H1B Visa has to be solely done by the employer. He has to fill in the Labor Condition Attestation and a separate petition for the immigrant who wants to move to the popular immigration destination.  Upon the acceptance of the approval, the employer would be sent a notice and accordingly the approval Form I-797 is sent to the immigrant.

On the event of Loss of Job

If the immigrant has lost the job, then they can seek for other employer and get the visa renewed. However, if they are unable to get a specified job, they may be asked to leave the country.

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