Northern Alberta Wildfires Outcome: AINP Candidates Get More Time to Retain Eligibility

Recently, raging wildfires engulfed a large area in the Fort McMurray area of Alberta, Canada. The Fort McMurray area wildfires–much like the Uttrakhand wildfires back home–did a great deal of harm, and destroyed almost everything that came in its way.

But unlike the Uttrakhand government, the Alberta government was quick to react, and take the necessary measures to control the situation and provide relief to the affected people.

It even took note of the fact that the development may negatively affect the candidates of the well-known and widely used Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme (AINP). No wonder, according to a report, the administration of Alberta has made public that aspirants to the scheme–who have been duly impacted by the latest wildfires in the Fort McMurray region–will be provided with one more year to preserve eligibility even as their petition is in the row waiting for processing.

Candidates are advised to get in touch with the AINP to update their details.

In a notice given on its website, the administration of Alberta declared:

  1. If one has an application presently in the row waiting to be reviewed, and the person is without a job, thanks to the wildfire, his petition will be put on hold up to not more than 1 year from the date of migration, to give him time to continue his eligibility. Once the candidate notifies that he has discovered a new or alternate job in a profession qualified under the AINP, his petition will be sent back to its original position in the line, for the object of processing. It is essential that the new recruiter/firm also fulfils the eligibility requirements.
  1. In case the aspirant has already obtained a nomination, his nomination will be suitably upheld, and he will be offered a chance to locate a new or alternate job (in a line-of-work entitled under the AINP even while it is essential that the new recruiter also fulfills the eligibility requirements). It is important that the candidate keeps the AINP updated about his employment position. In case the person is vigorously looking for employment, his nomination will be duly upheld.

As mentioned before, sometime back, large wildfires in the Northern Alberta region went out of control, in the process, forcing over 80,000 inhabitants to run away from the Fort McMurray. Unseasonably high temperatures, high winds, and extremely dry conditions denoted that the fire spread rather speedily, swallowing-up several homes and firms in the process.

Through the past couple of years, numerous immigrants to Canada, and also several temporary overseas employees, reportedly shifted to Fort McMurray, drawn by a thriving economy in the oil sands of Northern Alberta, which has some of the biggest oil deposits in the whole world. Numerous of these overseas employees have submitted an application for the prized and the much sought after Permanent Resident (PR) standing, via the AINP.

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