Highly Paid and Skilled Professionals to Get an Indian Work Permit!

India has been upfront about foreign workers engaging only in high profiled and advanced skill requiring jobs. A mandate of annual salary of not less than USD$25,000 has been brought about. The reason for such a decision is to give first priority to Indian professionals and at the same time avoid the filling up of non–technical jobs by foreign nationals.

Negating the labor policy of 1% reservation for foreign nationals in any project, the Home Ministry emphasized the active absorption of skilled/highly qualified foreign workers in any Indian enterprise or industry and not in any ordinary job.

The foreign experts with the best technical and professional skills/senior managers/senior executives run a high chance of getting hired by Indian agencies abroad and granted visa acceptance, as long as they satisfy the annual income floor limit of USD$25,000. However, other foreign workers such as ethnic cooks, language teachers and staff at the foreign embassy or the concerned High Commission are exempted from this condition.

But these conditions raise a very interesting scenario and sooner or later raise questions on this policy. This is especially in a country where one of the largest exports is that of the skilled and professional manpower. Developed countries can implement this to further scale up their qualifying criteria when it comes to hiring Indian professionals by employers in their countries.

Currently, major countries are facing challenges when it comes to growth and employment. It is known that highly skilled professionals from these countries will start looking at India and China as gateways to financial well-being. But considering that all countries have been raising the entry barriers for Indian skilled professionals, this decision also offers a bargaining tool for the Indian Government.

On the other hand, if looked at the statistics of the various economies in the world, the outcome is not very positive. More so, Indian professionals are required in almost all fields and occupations. It is also true that economies and governments should look into their level of incomes. In some cases, they are illogical. They should either do that or let the salary payable be determined by market forces. By raising barriers, making visa conditions harsher or changing the visa fee or open occupations, they are simply increasing the non-tariff barriers. In such a situation, Governments like those of India will have no option but to take actions to protect their job market as well.

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