Workplace Deaths in Canada!

A recent report has proved that immigration has had a positive impact on immigration. However, a recent accident which took place in Alberta questions this aspect. Three workers were killed recently while they were on the job.

According to Tracey Kipta who is the spokeswoman for Alberta Employment and Immigration, this death occurred in the Tuboscope Canada yard in Bonnyville. Bearing Oilfield Services which is a contract company had deployed a worker to move the oilfield pipe which uses the knuckle-boom picker. While working on this, the worker had to arrange to offload the piping. In the process, the workers succumbed to serious injuries and died on the spot.

Post this incident, an order has been issued to stop the use of large cranes. Another incident took place wherein a contractor had died after a vehicle was run over him at the site of the Canadian Natural Resources Limited which is located near Fort Chipewyan. As of now, investigation is being carried out by the officials on the two incidents.

A similar incident also happened where another contractor died while he was working on a building at the CFB Edmonton after falling off the ladder. He too had sustained head injuries. He was taken to a hospital but could not survive the incident.

Although investigations are being carried out into these accidents, the question is whether or not the safety norms are being practiced. More so, since Canada has many immigrant workers, there is a big question whether the nation is adhering to the standards of work environment for these immigrant workers who come to the nation with many hopes and dreams.

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