Mentally Ill US Citizen Deported!

Atlanta: It has been confirmed by the American Civil Liberties Union that a lawsuit has been filed against the federal government for wrongly deporting a mentally challenged United States citizen to Mexico. He was deported on the basis of charge with him being an undocumented citizen, while he was born in North Carolina.

Mark Lyttle, 33, was misjudged as an undocumented immigrant in September 2008 while serving a 100-day sentence on an offensive assault charge. He was taken into custody at a North Carolina jail.

Lyttle is now seeking new safeguards to protect the tights of all those people who are suffering from various mental disorders and have succumbed to potential deportation.

The U.S. officials said that Mark agreed towards his deportation too. But his lawyers believe that he was forced into approving the documents as he himself is a patient suffering from disorders, having a bad history of mental and physical torture.

He was deported in the September of the year 2008. It was later acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that he is a United States citizen.

Lyttle angrily said that they have taken his freedom from him. His dignity was snatched from him too. Now he would repay them back what they did to him.

The lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Atlanta.

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