Highly Paid Skilled Workers Can Immigrate to Australia

Highly Paid Skilled Workers Can Immigrate to Australia

The visa process for highly paid skilled immigrants earning between $120,000 and $150,000 could be fast-tracked as soon as possible from weeks to days, as part of Australia’s government immigration overhaul plans.

The Department of Home Affairs will provide more details on this new immigration strategy before the end of this year. However, it seems that the Cabinet has already signed off on the review and the strategy will soon be announced and implemented.

Below is a comprehensive summary of what the Australian government has directed to its stakeholders and media:

A New Tiered Migration System

The Department of Home Affairs will modernize the immigration system regarding skilled migration programs- both temporary and permanent- to invite workers with in-demand skills. This will involve:

  • Redesigning fast and streamlined visa pathways for highly qualified workers is needed to boost the Australian economy and generate more jobs in the country. This is known as Tier 1 of the new Skilled Migration Classifications.
  • Building a mainstream temporary skilled pathway, which requires workers to be paid above the new Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold of $70,000 (Tier 2 of the new Skilled Migration Classification).
  • Constantly created regulated Australia PR visa pathways for foreign nationals whose skills are needed to curb long-term skills shortages in the country, mainly in care sector and other essential industries.
  • Revamp occupation lists with skills that are actually needed in Australia.
  • The government will also reform the points system to make it more relevant as per Australia’s current economic needs.

The following Tier system has been recommended by the Migration Review Committee

Tier 1: for Highly Skilled and Specialized Workers

  • The government is yet to announce the salary threshold but may include skilled workers with salaries ranging from $120,000 to $150,000.
  • The government has flagged certain occupations that can be excluded from this tier group. It is assumed that some trade occupations such as mining workers, chefs, and machinery installers, will be excluded from tier 1.
  • They will have the following benefits:
    • No skilled occupation list
    • No need for labor market testing
    • Fast-tracked visa processing within days
  • Tier 2: Skilled Workers (Core Visa Categories)
    • This classifies individuals with a salary above $70,000 but less than the top-tier salary.
    • The government will create a data-driven occupation list to qualify under this tier group.
    • No labor market testing is required.
    • More regulated and focused.
  • Tier 3: Essential workers
    • This tier includes industry-specific workers earning below $70,000 per annum.
    • Targeting only essential workers with persistent shortages in industries, such as aged care.
    • Includes regulations and compliance

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