Hong Kong Company Registration Prerequisites!

Establishing a company or business in Hong Kong mainland is simple and supported by the government.  Easy policy and taxation system of Hong Kong are the luring factors for global investor immigration.

Businesses that are incorporating in HK mainland benefitted from its simple and low taxation. Forbes’ Tax Misery Index has ranked Hong Kong on the third position due to low taxation. Hong Kong Company registration is hugely advantages by system of having zero sales tax or VAT, no withholding tax or dividends tax or zero capital gains tax. Citing these taxation benefits business immigrants hugely benefited with the system in Hong Kong.

Company Registration in Hong Kong mainland is comparatively straight forward.  The major requirements for company registration are first most the confirmation about company name and business structure followed by provision of some easy details to meet the law criteria which covers one company director at least need not to be a HK resident, a company secretary which should be a Hong Kong resident to incorporate your documentation and space prerequisites and the most importantly a minimum capital of one million HK Dollars. Next follows the registration process of your company which is handled by the company secretary, opening of a corporate account in a HK bank and possession of an office in HK, a virtual office is an alternative available.

Hong Kong is a superb destination for foreign entrepreneurs to start and nurture their new business. Your new business or company set-up is advantaged from the geographic positions of Hong Kong as the booming center of China economy. The nation reflects a sundry multi-cultural atmosphere which is preferable for worldwide business immigration as well as an exciting place to live by earning permanent residence.

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