Hollywood Actress Dawson Speaks Against the Arizona Immigration Law!

Many celebrities in the United States are uniting in their intent to raise their voice against the Arizona laws. Days before there was news that Lady Gaga during her concert urged her fans to continue with  the battle against the Arizona immigration laws and do not give up. In fact many celebrities from music industries boycotted their shows to show their anger against the Arizona laws.

And now many actresses like Rosaria Dawson, Eva Longoria Parker and Jessica Alba have joined to fight against new Arizona state immigration laws as told to the press during the public event.

Enthusiastic actress Dawson was joined by other actresses Alba and Longoria along with other Latino stars to unite together to fight against the controversial law. In one of the event, they directly spoke to their fans and asked youngsters to participate and involve in fighting against the law.

Speaking to the press, actress Longoria Parker informed that she has always been very vocal about her opinions about the Arizona Law and she has made it very clear that she is against this law. She further said that this law could raise the issue of racial discrimination amongst Americans. People generally think that if the person is of dark color then the he must be from some other place.

Slowly , Arizona state immigration law is becoming controversial day by day and people from all walks of life are coming together to protest against it. This is true that the crime of illegal immigration is on the rise in the United States but the implementation of the Arizona law could have some negative impact on the lives of the US. Many people are against it including the celebrities as well because they fear that this would encourage the racial discrimination amongst the US citizens.

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