Koreans Attending Church to Develop Network!

According to a research conducted by the Massey University, many immigrants from Korea are converting to Christianity in order to improve their business and social lives. Of the 31,000 Koreans who are in New Zealand, almost 90% of them attend the church regularly. This is despite the fact that Buddhism is the main religion in South Korean. And only one-fifth of the population consists of Christians.

Those attending the churches are doing so for religious reasons as well as to develop their network for business prospects apart from getting information and support. This is because many Koreans tend to face many issues pertaining to settlement, with difficult in English language which makes it difficult for them to be accepted by the local people.

20 Korean employers and 20 employees were interviewed where in it was found that around 75% admitted to being subject to some form of discrimination. According to one of the respondents, may customers tell them to go back to their nation. More so, teenagers on the streets spit and swear at them.

Since these people are comparatively earning less to what they were earning in South Korea, this also means that they cannot afford the same lifestyle that they were accustomed to in South Korea. At the same time, the expenses are very high.

Between the years 1986 and 1996, Koreans were the fastest growing community amongst the Asians. The numbers rose from mere 400 to 12,653. During the last Census, it was found out the Koreans consisted of 30,792. Most of these reside at the North Shore of Auckland.

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