Singapore Controls the Flow of Foreign Nationals Coming into the Country!

Singapore is all set to take certain measures to regulate the flow of foreign nationals coming into the country for working purposes. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong said that he understands the problems that Singaporean will have to face if they will not control the entry of foreign workers. There is no doubt that Singapore will continue to grow as a nation by investing in its people but it will also need foreign talent to contribute to the economy of the country.

Speaking on the occasion of Singapore’s 45th National Day, the Prime Minster said that he understands the fear of Singaporeans who are witnessing the incoming of so many foreign national who then uses the various facilities and resources of their tiny nation. But he assured that measures will be taken to curb the flow of foreign workers entering the nation. Now the selection process and eligibility criteria will be stricter for aspiring overseas workers. Only those foreign workers will be encouraged to enter that are capable and talented and who can contribute in the economy of the country.

Few months back, Singapore introduced new immigration policies which can help to control the immigration. A budget was passed in which Singapore government will now charge more from foreign workers on immigration so that companies which hire foreign labor will now think twice before recruiting them. The economy of Singapore grew 17.9 percent during the period of January to June which makes Singapore as one of the fastest growing nations of the world. Despite being a small nation, Singapore still enjoys the position of developed country and one of the most sought after tourist destination.

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