Australia Raises IELTS Score for Foreign Nurses!

It looks very fascinating and attractive to move abroad for settlement but it is not as easy as it looks. Every year, many aspiring students and professionals look forward to settle abroad. There are various reasons that why so many people aspire to move abroad. People from developing countries move to developed countries in search of better opportunities and lifestyle.

This is the reason that crimes related to illegal immigration are increasing day by day and to check them, countries are making their laws of immigration stricter. Australia is one of the most sought after nation for many aspiring students who prefer Australia as their destination for higher studies.

But things will not very easy for those students who are aspiring to continue their studies in health care industry as nurses. Overseas students who are employed in Australia as student nurses are living under fear that they can be deported from the nation. This is because the minimum scores for English test have been raised by Nursery and Midwifery Board.

Students who migrated to Australia from developing countries such as India and Pakistan to study nursing with a hope that they will be able to obtain the permanent residency can be deported if their IELTS score will be less. Of course, they will be able to get the job but if their English test score will be less, then they can be deported from the nation. Earlier it was mandatory for students planning to study nursing in Australia to have minimum 6.5 score in IELTS but now it has raised to 7 score in IELTS. Such changes in the law is definitely going to throw many challenges in front of many students who are already staying and studying in Australia as now it would be difficult for them to obtain work permit for themselves.

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