Immigration, Critical Issue, says Abbott!

With the General Elections in Australia gearing up, Tony Abbott, the Leader of Opposition has declared immigration to be the key issue during his campaign. According to Abbott, those involved in human trafficking could be subject to 10 years or more of imprisonment.  As per a recent poll by Galaxy research, there was a split of 50/50. With attacks on Gillard which can be termed as being personal, which also questioned some of the important Labor policies, chances of victory seem less for her.

Illegal immigration is turning out to be the critical issue. As per a recent poll, this issue could leave the nation with stranded politics for the first time since the Second World War. More so, the opinion polls say that the voters in the marginal seats are more worried about the government not working enough to send the asylum seekers arriving on boats to come back.

As per Abbott, new talks would be brought about by a Liberal Government with the nation of Nauru. These talks would be to reopen the processing centre for the asylum seekers. This plan had helped the party to win in elections that were held in 2001 and 2004. Mr. Abbott also swore to remove the proposed thirty percent taxes on mining which had been imposed by the Labor party. He assured a united team if they win this election.

On the other hand, with many leaks from the government to the media, Gillard had to endure a string of mishaps. The manifesto of the Labor would be launched five days before the election.

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