Hong Kong relaxes its Immigration Laws for Overseas Students!

The world is truly becoming global and every country looks forward to welcoming overseas students in their country as it adds a flavor of different culture and language in their country. This blend of different culture and language creates a learning environment for students which help them to be tolerant and respectful towards people of different culture and religion.

With high level of illegal immigration, countries are tightening their legal procedures and laws of immigration for foreigners. But there is still some scope of relaxation for students wishing to study in foreign countries as many countries maintain some space for students in their laws so that they can fit in and can easily migrate to their country.

One such country is Hong Kong which has relaxed its immigration laws for the overseas students especially for the Japanese so that their prospects of studying in Hong Kong can increase.

Michael Suen, the Hong Kong’s secretary for Education in a statement said that the nation welcomes the Japanese students with open arms to study in their country. He further said that various educational reforms, liberal policies for foreign students and modern lifestyle along with luxuries of the city will surely attract more talented students to this country.

To lure more students, Hong Kong has recently introduced scholarships for students to provide inexpensive education to them. The scholarships will be able to cover their tuition fees and their daily expense as well. In fact, the Hong Kong government has also relaxed its immigration policies and various restrictions on employment as well as for overseas students.

This is truly a sensible step by the Hong Kong government as this would just hit the target directly because many students hesitate to apply for foreign countries owing to strict immigration laws.

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