Jetstar: No Passport Required!

Jetstar Airways yesterday made announcement on its first direct flights between the New Zealand resort town of Queenstown and the land of Kangaroos Australia called for the action that no passports should be required to travel between the two countries.

Bruce Buchanan, who is the chief executive of the airlines, stated that flights between the same should be regarded as domestic travel. He went on to say that Europe and North America are working on the aspects as to how to make travel easier for the passengers.

Both the nations are closely linked with each other, when it comes to legal and cultural facets, therefore, there has to be some way or the other, to work out the plan and have a common border.

He later made estimations that a move of such kind would add on to $100m a year in GDP as far as both the nations are concerned. In addition to that, there is a possibility of generation of 326,000 passenger movements annually across the Tasman and add on to the financial benefits by cutting some $250 million in costs. Moreover, the Tourism industry would be greatly benefited. He also made suggestions that first move towards solving the issues liked with Immigrations and Customs for the trans-Tasman flights is to take care of all the processing at one spot!

Moves like these add on to the benefits of both the countries in a major way. Jetstar has also confirmed that regular one-way fares booked online would be $199, a figure which is 30 per cent less than other flight owners.

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