Hong Kong Spring Festival May Witness 6.43 Million Travelers

A per Immigration Department of Hong Kong, 6.43 million travelers are estimated to mark their presence in “happening” Hong Kong, courtesy the Chinese New Year holiday period which is on cards!

If the figures would come out true, a hike of 11 percent would be witnessed as compared to the same period last annum. Figures say that dates from Feb 2 till Feb 9 would be the buzzing of the all with almost 2.12 million passengers marking their presence on these dates. Lo Wu control point would witness these people passing through it, with Feb 2 being the busiest day for the outbound traffic. Additionally, Feb 5 would be the busiest day for inbound traffic. The facet clearly indicates the rush which this amazing country would be facing in the coming days. No doubt, it is one of the best opportunities for the nation to boost its position both financially as well as economically.

No doubt, passenger traffic would be at its peak during these hours too. To cope up with this flock of travelers, the department has curbed down the leave for staff working at control points and made arrangements for extra staff members which would have their posting during this peak season. Additional security officers and posts have been inculcated from the security point of view. This is done as a crowd management tool.

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