Queensland calls for skilled labor immigration regarding reconstruction

The statement has come as welcome news to aspired skilled immigrants who were in doldrums concerning Australian immigration after Queensland floods hit.

The Australian government will ease the immigration and visa norms in an effort to satisfy labor demand required for Queensland reconstruction. Employers will find it easier to recall overseas skilled workers involving construction and flood aid works.

Recent devastating flood in Queensland has damaged the land and economy as well. The flood in December has forced a mass evacuation of thousands of people with an economic loss of about ten billion dollar.

There will be a provision of fast-paced applications procedure regarding immigration visa for skilled workers subjected to employer sponsorship, stated by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

This is great news for skilled labors that are adept in reconstruction efforts and aspiring to immigrate to Australia. The workers will be entitled for temporary work permit and they must be sponsored by an Australian employer.

Australian Prime Minister said that skilled labors are equally important as funding regarding reconstruction of Queensland.

Employers will be provided with extra resources and assistance as well as much simpler procedure concerning skilled workers immigration. Even a 5 day turnaround will be ensured regarding applicants who are decision-ready.

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