Egypt turmoil prolongs to sixth day

The death figure of protesters surges to 150 as the Egypt misery rallies to its sixth day. No sign of stopping of riots and protests as the casualties have tolled to thousands of people.

Egyptian President’s anarchic effort to shut down and put a curb on media and internet was condemn by world leaders as well as International Press Institute.

Egyptian turmoil follows a great disturbance in that region. Outlaws are ramming and ruining the economy. Gangs are robbing residents on streets. Thousands of criminals have already fled from the prisons, highlighting the escape of thirty-four Muslim militants from a single prison in northwest region.

Egypt turmoil prolongs to sixth day

President Hosni Mubarak’s three decade power regime is on its demolition verge citing the nationwide violent protests against him which continues to sixth day.

The army has taken control of the situation and rallied on the streets to curb the protesters and looting incidents of gangs. They have set-up self-styled barricades and checkpoints clubbed with sticks and firearms. Fighter jets with military helicopters are hovering low over protesters to disperse them.

The whole advancement has been advocated as the beginning of the new Egypt by opposition leaders and they urged the whole nation to stand firm for democratic reform.

The opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei demands stand down of The President advocating the evolution of new Egypt with freedom of lives, in front of thousands of protesters. His voice was inaudible due to the humming of mass crowd. They oath not to step down what they have instigated attempting the freedom of democracy.

We will sacrifice our blood for the country – is what chanted by the angry protesters.

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