Above 90,000 overseas students applied to ‘untrusted’ colleges in the UK

Reports have confirmed that above a mark of ninety thousand overseas students (which is a big number in itself) were given permission to flock in the UK last year and enroll themselves in various “untrusted colleges.”

Further, speculations are going on that more number of these students have disappeared into the UK economy with nil hope of their returning back to their home country. It is one of the biggest scandals in the immigration arena witnessed in the past few years.

Immigration minister Damian Green has been investigating into such fraudulent cases going on in the UK. Further, various private colleges which serve as the first step towards gaining entry into the country for a majority of non-EU students have been investigated thoroughly.

The minister has intentions to make stringent efforts in the direction of curbing down these easy routes which allow migrants to gain entry in the UK in an illegal basis. He went on to say that some unpleasant happenings have come out which needs to be stopped there only. It is mandatory to stop the abuse of the UK immigration system.

Further, Labor is claiming to mark an end of this misuse through the introduction of a points-based system.

Only legal colleges, which have the authorization by the government of the UK, have the freedom to enroll overseas students after performing thorough checking and approval. But Minister is of the view that Labor granted the entry of students to enroll themselves in colleges which did not get ‘highly trusted status.’

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