Calgary Islamic School one of its kind school in Canada

Friday morning saw struggle of around hundred parents to grab an admission ticket for their kids at Calgary Islamic School.

Calgary Islamic School is a private school offering academic qualification till 11th grade providing regular state syllabus along with additional Islamic courses, Arabic language and Quran study.

The school accommodates twenty new students every year against around 250 applications every year leading to 300 applications this year. The surging demand shows the need of accreditation of more such school in the city as well as in the state.

Calgary has a handsome Islamic population and it citing more inter-provincial migration. The city has better geographical appeal as situated at the foot of hills and offering coldest winters to its residents. Calgary has hosted first ever winter Olympic in Canada. And it is a prominent destination for winter sports activities.

Apart from ethnic preference to the Asians and Islamic countries the state and city has more to provide to lure persons around the globe to consider it as a better preference to migrate. Its economy relies on oil industries providing better employment and earning opportunities.

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