Quebec – Most desired immigration destination for aerospace study and employment

Quebec is the home of world’s prominent aircraft companies. It is the base ground for aerospace studies and activities. It is the second most populous and largest geographical Canadian state.

Around 240 world renowned aerospace industries have their base in Quebec. It is a paradise for aeronautical skills providing about 42000 skilled workers employment. It enlisted on fifth rank in the world in aircraft companies.

The statistics keeps Quebec ahead, accounting for around 62% of sales share of Canadian aerospace companies. Export share of Quebec aircraft companies range around 55%, latterly leading the research and development activities of Canadian aerospace companies by 70%.

Quebec is the base of numerous world-famous aircraft manufacturers such as Bombardier who are world leaders in aviation, GE Canada-aviation involved in aircraft engines manufacture worldwide, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce Canada involved in aircraft turbine engines technology, Lockheed Martin Canada – leaders in aircraft electronic systems and many more.

Montreal, Quebec’s largest city is one of the world’s prominent aerospace centers with busiest airport. It is the hub of Air Canada’s aircraft fleets with around 335 aircraft. These statistics create a great demand of aerospace skilled workers and their technical services.

Apart from industries, Quebec offers higher studies in aeronautics provided by many universities and trade school of aerospace industries. This state offers quality study in aerospace through several top schools like Montreal aerospace trade school, Institute de formation Aerospatiale and others.

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