Housing Shortage in Australia Due to Higher Level of Immigration!

Australia is currently facing a nationwide shortage of houses and skyrocketing prices of real estate. The situation is such that many Australians are bound to raise question on the country’s viewpoint on immigration, higher level of immigration being one of the main reasons for the situation.

The latest government figures show that Australia’s population increased by 2.1 percent in the year that ended last June 30. And this figure is twice the figure of any other industrialized countries in the world. As per the reports, new immigrants contributed two-third of the growth. No doubt, the over influx of immigrants is being held the major reason for many of the problems, such as rising prices of real estate; traffic congestion; overburdened public health system and water shortages. It is noteworthy that Australia’s current population is about 22 million.

House prices in the nation have risen over 20 percent, as compared to the prices of last year. Now, the median price of a home in Australia is near about $450,000. Sydney and Melbourne are the two cities where home prices are double the amount.

After the inception of generous immigration quotas and tax incentives in order to boost the birth rate in Australia has triggered the population growth since the succeeding year of World War II. According to the Oz government’s estimates, the nation’s population would reach 36 million by 2050, while many others have to say that with the current pace of population growth, it would reach closer to 50 million by 2050. A few political parties expressed their views of stabilizing the nation’s population at 23 million by 2050, by cutting down the immigration intake, as well cutting domestic subsidies that encourage higher birth rates.

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