U.S. policy on fingerprints

According to critics, the new U.S. policy on fingerprinting would do more harm rather than doing any good. But Mayor Gavin Newsom provided no obligations in commencing the policy further.

The Federal Secure Communities program commenced in the year 2008 and is now in the stage of being implemented on a nationwide level. Reports say that San Francisco would be next place to witness it commencement next month. Also, other countries including Contra Costa and Alameda have also witnessed the functioning of this program into their premises.

According to Tony Winnicker, spokes person for the Mayor, sanctuary city policies do not favor in protecting any sort of criminal activity of behavior. In the end, federal officials must enforce regulations concerned with Immigration.

It has been said that the fingerprints checks of the suspected candidates would be send to the federal immigration officials for further verification of their authenticity.

On the contrary, Public defender Jeff Adachi feels that he is worried about those applicants who would have to go through tough checks by federal immigration authorities, even for committing minor offenses. He went on to strengthen his claims by stating that if the country goes on to deporting each and every single individual, then a situation would be created which would undermine the country’s policy of treating people in a fair manner.

Also, Randi Greenberg from the Secure Communities program has something else to say. He stated that the motto of the program is to deport the eligible candidates. Also with limited resources, serious law offers would be at utter priority.

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