How to apply for Lithuania Visa

Lithuania often shows a great anxiousness while welcoming talented people, in fact, skilled migrants are in a high demand in the country. Lithuania made its own existence globally as the most appropriate immigration destination for issuing visas for a large number of skilled workers and also for catering their desires.

People access the Province of Lithuania to get a better opportunity of career-growth and also to enhance their living standard.

Apart from skilled workers, Lithuania is also taken as the best option for businessmen, investors and students – many visa categories are available – so the applicants can choose their own category out of these and apply for a visa.

Getting a Lithuania immigration visa requires a full preparation from your side – you must be well aware of all the visa requirements – and be well informed about various important documents that are submitted along with application.

Take a look at Lithuania visa requirements, which need to be satisfied by the applicants by providing proper evidence.

  1. A duly signed and completed visa application form
  2. A valid passport with at least 3-month validity
  3. A travel document with at least two blank pages, issued within 10 years
  4. A recent passport size color photograph
  5. Supporting documents and visa fee
  6. A clear purpose of visit
  7. Proof of accommodation and flight tickets
  8. A valid medical insurance and health certificate

The intended applicants are advised to set a clear picture of the above requirements in their mind as they will asked to demonstrate proper evidences relating such requirements.

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