Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Businessmen

Being a state centric program, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) for businessmen is a great highlight of wonderful co-operation between centre and province to boost economy by captivating overseas entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs who are granted the right to entre Canadian province under the said program, must have to demonstrate their capability of investment, in lieu of that, they are entitled to avail the benefits of permanent residence in the country.

Credit goes to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for running the program smoothly, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program clearly reflects its main aim of infusing economy of the country by using the fund provided by the immigrants.

People who opt for the state endorsement – get full right to participate in business activity – either with the established corporate or establishing their own company. Providing a great pathway to access the province of Canada swiftly, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is free from any complexity and lets applicant’s entre Canada smoothly.

Offering a wonderful liberty to reside with your family in Canadian province, the said program provides a great liberty to the applicants to add their family in the application. The other benefits of the said program can be described in the word of low investment stipulation. You must be ready to reveal your business plan when asked for the same by immigration authorities.

The applicants must be prepared for providing a full cooperation to the designated independent agency while examining the financial credentials. The applicants who are sponsored by the province – require filing their sponsorship letter for the permanent residence visa, and then need to fulfill the CIC parameters as well. Take a look at some important parameters that are quite needed to be fulfilled by the applicants.

Pre Nomination Stage

  1. The applicants must possess a minimum CAD 300000 (net worth), earned legally and must be free of any claim
  2. Must be having at least 3 yrs of business experience either as a owner or serving any organization as a manager
  3. Must be able to reveal a business plan

After shortlisted for sponsorship

  1. The candidates must deposit CAD 75000 as Gold Faith Security
  2. Must have to invest minimum CAD 150000 in the province
  3. Must actively participate either in running business or establishing their own company

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