Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Businessmen documents

The SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) is aimed to lure passive investors on the soil of Canadian province – the state centric program is run with the great cooperation by CIC – eventually seems to be succeeded in its mission. As a number of wealthiest entrepreneurs from across the world now frequently access the SINP to enter the Canadian province for the execution of their business plan.

Gathering detailed information regarding various business documents, however, keeps a great relevance for them, as submission of all the required documents are much needed to qualify the program. Here’s detailed overview of all the documents, required to be submitted by the clients applying for SNIP, has been provided.

Personal Information

  1. Academic background that includes degree, diploma and any specific achievement (if available)
  2. List containing the professional designations and membership
  3. Employment history and record along with the active proof supporting the experience earned in a 10 year period
  4. Detailed description of running your own company or organization where you worked holding the managerial level
  5. Detailed information regarding the role and responsibility in management of establishment in the period of 10 years

Academic Proofs

  1. The candidates must provide certificates along with the mark sheets of all the academic degrees, diploma, any certification course, etc.
  2. Must provide professional titles and trade licenses
  3. Must be able to provide adequate proof of their managerial role or proper evidence supporting their experience in business ownership

Financial Status

  1. Bank statement
  2. Tangible and non tangible assets
  3. Investment details in share, stocks and in any other forms
  4. A copy of salary details by current organization
  5. Pension details, insurance, investment summaries, etc.

Documents in support of communication with business associates

  1. Printed copy of email communication
  2. Promotional Literature and business card
  3. Preparatory Bill Agreement
  4. Miscellaneous documents must revealing your intention to establish business in Saskatchewan

Other Documents

  1. A valid passport
  2. Documents in support of civil status

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