How To Filled Australia Visa Enquiry Form?

The Australian visa enquiry form provides the applicant a peek into the various formalities, visa guidelines and the procedure to make possible an early immigration to Australia. The enquiry form first explains about how the Australian government encourages the individuals to first gain a better understanding of Australia, its culture, people and life-style. The enquiry form mentions English language as the unifying element for it being the national language.  The form explains about how Australia respects freedom and dignity of an individual and believes in freedom on religion, democracy, rule of law and mutual respect.

Filling Australia visa enquiry form becomes easy as the form provides an easy and step wise procedure to different information and requirement criterion. The enquiry form is generally used by the applicants of the GSM visa under General Skilled Migration. Detailed information on filling the enquiry form is also made available only by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

The enquiry form mentions it clearly that the students or immigrants should not see the visa to achieve a particular migration outcome. In fact the Australian government sees visa as an educational outcome that also suits the Australia’s economic needs.

The enquiry form first discusses in detail the different subclasses under the General Skilled Migration such as subclass 885, subclass 886, subclass 887, subclass 485, and subclass 487. A clear specification makes it very easy for the applicant to decide about which visa to apply for. The enquiry form makes a clear statement on the eligibility criteria. The applicant has:

•  Must be under 50 yrs of age
•  Applicant has made a choice on the SOL list
•  Have undergone a medical examination
•  Has obtained a check of criminal records by the Australian Federal Police
•  Has obtained a positive assessment on his English language competence

Part E of the application enquiry form makes it very conspicuous that every application needs to go through a points based assessment. The Skillselect program requires every application to score a least of 60 to be eligible for receiving an invitation from the Australian immigration department. This section of the form asks the applicant to fill through the fields and have a self assessment of the eligibility. The points are obtained on Age, English language ability, Australian work experience, Educational qualification, Recognized Australian study, years in profession and designated area/state sponsorship.

Part D (50) of the application form makes is mandatory for the applicant to have had a positive assessment on the IELTS score. The International English Language Test Score speaks about the candidate being able to communicate effectively at the work place.

The enquiry form also instructs the applicant to fill the application form completely in English language with every fact mentioned truthfully and completely. The supporting documents should be provided along with a certified copy of each. The applicant is also supposed to validate each and every document through his or her initials.

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