Migration Agent for Australia Immigration 2013

Australia seems to be favorite country for immigrants from all over the world. Every year number of immigrants applying for visa approval is increasing at high rate. Most of these immigrants are applying for either one of the skilled employment visa or as an investor or entrepreneur. Many of them apply for other purposes as well like education and tourism but work and business visa stay high in demand. This made things difficult for the Australian immigration and citizenship department. Now they have to select suitable candidate to grant visa approval. To maintain Australia’s pace of growing economy and development immigration department keeps on amending rules and policies according to country requirement.

Now the competition for different kinds of visas is tough. The process got longer and demanding. You need to give some time, money and effort if you want visa approval for migration to Australia. This is little difficult and therefore people prefer migration agent. In this post you will get to know about Migration Agent for Australia Immigration 2013.

Who is a migration agent?

A migration agent is a person who can guide you on immigration issues. He/ she will help you to plan, prepare and lodge a visa application. Agent will also deal with the Immigration and Citizenship Department on your behalf. Usually migration agent charge fee for all these services.

Do you need a migration agent?

If you feel that you are comfortable with preparation and lodging of application then you do not need migration agent for Australia. If you think that you are not that confident and your case is difficult or complicated then you may easily hire then you should hire a registered Australian immigration agent.

Why should you hire only a registered agent?

The basic reason is that you can rely on them. When you use an unregistered agent then there are chances that he might not be aware of latest policies and procedures. He/ she may provide wrong or improper advice. The most common problem is false claims and promises made by such agents. Unregistered agents are considered to be law breakers and may have to bear penalties up to ten years jail. You may also complaint against an unregistered agent.

Anyone else who can help you?

Yes, there are many people who can help you only if they don’t charge a fee because only registered agents can charge fee. People like your spouse, brother, sister;parent, child or adopted childor sponsors and nominators or officials whose job includes providing immigration, etc. can help you and guide you. You should seek their help only when you are sure that they have enough knowledge and experience.

How to find a registered migration agent?

Finding a certified and qualified migration agent is not difficult. For this purpose you may either look for the consultant directly on Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) official website or ask your agent to show you the proof. The identity provided to you by your immigration consultant will help to confirm if he/ she is registered or not.

Growing demand of Australian visa resulted into increasing demand of migration agent for Australia immigration 2013. It is illegal to provide immigration consultancy and charge fee without being registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Registration certifies that the person is qualified enough to provide you suggestion and to represent you.

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