How to improve your CRS score?

Permanent settlement in Canada? Better Living Conditions? A Well-paid job giving you the much-needed growth you need? All this in one is why you chose Canada after all. But this is not all, Canada gives you and your family a home that you can call your own, since Canada as a country has a nature synonymous to warmth, hospitality and tolerance. So many Immigrants see the dream of having their own abode in this Land of the golden Maple syrup. To get to Canada PR Visa there are several pathways out of which the most popular are the Canada Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program. To get through the Canada Express Entry Pathway you need to get a good CRS score or at least get the cutoff so that you can get the Invitation to Apply from the Immigration Department of Canada.

How to improve your CRS score?

The Comprehensive Ranking System lists or ranks candidates who are eligible for ITA under the following parameters:

  • Skills
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Proficiency in English or French Language
  • Work Experience
  • Other Miscellaneous factors
  • Valid Job Offer from a Canadian job employer

In other words, the factors are

  • Core Human Capital Factors – under which points are awarded on the basis of Spouse or common-law partner factor.
  • Spouse or common-law partner factor- Within this, the skills and education of a common-law partner are decided upon.
  • Skills Transferability – In this factor additional points are awarded based on a combination of factors like educational qualification and work experience.
  • Additional Points

If you score well as per the CRS Calculator you will be sent an Invitation for permanent settlement in Canada.  There is the sum total of 1200 points under the CRS System. Every fifteen days there is an Express Entry draw conducted based on which cutoff scores are decided upon. Invitations are sent to highest rankers in the active pool.

How can you improve your CRS Score?

Take that Language parameter seriously!

Ensure that you are well prepared for IELTS exams, as it will hugely determine your chances of getting employed in Canada. If you can score 9 points on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), You can be eligible for directly 136 points under the section of language proficiency itself, and 100 points under the section of Skills Transferability.

Provincial Nominee Program at your rescue

If you match the eligibility requirements and are nominated by the Canadian states or provinces, you can get up to 600 CRS Points, which will further increase your chances of receiving an ITA.

What better than a job approved by the LMIA

Once you get your job approved by Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), recognized by a Canadian employer, you can fetch up to a score of 600 points, and be more eligible for the ITA from the Express Entry Pool

Give First Preference to Spouse

If you are applying with your spouse or common-law partner, they can score additional CRS points.

Work All the Way

Make sure you work to gather full-time work experience to garner maximum points under the Skill Transferability section.

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