How to Migrate to Australia & Get its Citizenship?

Do you wish to get one of the most powerful passports in the world, and move to 165+ international destinations without a visa or with a visa on arrival? Do you want to reside and do a job or business in one of the most developed global economies? Do you want to earn in dollars and give a good and healthy environment to your kids? If yes, migrate to Australia and get its citizenship.

SkillSelect Migration

The Kangaroo Land and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) offer numerous easy-to-follow visa categories for those interested in immigration. Its SkillSelect is a unique online immigration system through which economic migrants get an opportunity to land in the hotspot swiftly and without any major difficulties.

If you are a skilled candidate, and keen to land in the hotspot permanently, use this Australian skilled migration points system for the purpose.

Crafted for those people who can play a decisive role in the growth and expansion of the national economy of Oz, SkillSelect offers many Skilled Visa Categories to facilitate the entry of the migrants like you.

Skilled PR Independent Visa (189 Category), Skilled PR Nominated Visa (190 Category), Skilled 489 Visa (4-year Provisional) these are the three main categories of the skilled visas up-for-grabs under the said immigration system.

How to become an Australian citizen?

First of all, you have to fulfill the key requirements for citizenship.

Among others, you must:

  1. Be a permanent resident in the country.
  2. Be more than 16 years old.
  3. Have resided in Oz for a period of four years, not excluding 12 months as a permanent resident.
  4. Have a clean background.

Citizenship Key Routes

If we talk about the key routes, you have basically three key routes to get the nation’s prized citizenship and become its proud passport holder.

The Number 1 is via birth, the Number 2 is via decent, and the Number s3 is via naturalization.

Citizenship via Naturalization

For the Number 3, you have to fulfill the mandatory PR requirements in the country.

The immigration laws of the land say that you can apply for citizenship through the Permanent Residence (PR) corridor only if you have been a legal resident in the country for at least 4 years. And, out of which the last 1 year, immediately leading to your application for citizenship, has been spent as a permanent resident, and you haven’t moved out for more than 3 months through this 1 year period.

It’s also compulsory that out of the total of 4 years spent in the country legally you haven’t been away, out of the nation, for more than 1 year. It means that in total you must have stayed for at least 3 complete years out of the mandatory requirement of living for 4 years in the nation.

Move to Australia! The ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’ beckons you!

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