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Hungary Investment Programme

Strategically located European Country of Hungary is an amazing place for investment/business purpose even as a large number of the overseas immigration motivated businessmen and investors are showing an increasing interest in either making profitable investments in the country or running a money-spinning business there in.

This Unitary Parliamentary Republic runs good investment and business schemes for the interested businessmen and investors. Its Residency Bond Programme enjoys widespread popularity and acceptance even as it is not very difficult to make use of this wonderful scheme that not only gives an excellent chance to do business in Hungary but also the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status in the country to the successful candidates.

Hungary Investment Programme
Hungary Investment Programme

Immigration through Hungarian Residency Bond Programme

Immigration to Hungary through the scheme in question is regarded as one of the fastest tracks available to the wishful migrants who wish to make their living in one of the European countries. Hungary lies in the center of Europe and it is a leading Schengen nation that invites migrants from across the world on different grounds. It’s the most sought after decision made by the candidates while targeting immigration. Its liberal economy and soft immigration rules, lays positive grounds for the wishful migrants. Thanks to the programme, one may freely move within the various nations of the Schengen Zone minus visa and border checks.

Rewards of New Immigration Policies

  1. With continuous changes in the immigration policies, new laws in the current year made the programme more handy and useful.
  2. Permanent Residency Card (PRC) is issued in single step.
  3. Once a person receives his temporary card, it becomes easier for the entire family and dependents to get a Hungarian Permanent Residence Permit.
  4. A migrant doesn’t need any Hungarian address. That it is a great blessing cannot be ignored or overlooked.
  5. Within two months the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence Permit is granted.

Under the Hungary Investment Programme, a person needs to make an investment of EUR 3, 00,000 in the Hungarian Government bonds. These bonds are issued for a period of 5 years, thus allowing the candidates and his family eligible for submitting the residence permit application. The money invested in the bonds is duly returned with the principal amount to the investor, though without any interests on it. Yes, although his investment is 100% safe, it yields no interest for the aspirant for that fixed time period.

In an effort to provide hassle-free immigration process, these bonds are made available by the Residency Bond Agents who own the authority of issuing these bonds from the Economic and Information Technology Committee that exists inside the parliament of the country.

The Hungarian Investment Plan asks for some mandatory requirements that an aspirant needs to fulfill.

  1. He needs to submit duly signed and completed application form.
  2. He requires attaching one recent passport size photograph.
  3. He is expected to attach three copies of the recent visas with the mandatory condition of validity standing three months prior to departure.
  4. His passport should have at least two blank pages.
  5. He needs to file two copies of the reservation of his return tickets.
  6. He needs to obtain a travel medical insurance policy.
  7. His visa form should be well supported by the application that clearly states his purpose of migration.
  8. He needs to submit all valid statements justifying financial stability of living in the country for a fixed time period.
  9. He is also expected to furnish short profile of the place where he is going to work.
  10. His bank statement that clearly depicts his financial status has to be submitted with latest bank transactions preferably for the last six months.
  11. If a person manages to seize an invitation letter from the Hungarian employer then he needs to furnish invitation letter along with his application.

The Hungary Investment Programme is a big success amongst the business/investment aspirants. It helps them yield maximum benefit of their entire investments and do well on the world stage. From January 2015, this invested money is locked for a period of five years and then returned there after without any interest on it.

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