Are You Interested in Immigration to Canada for Investment or Business or Study Purposes?

Immigration to Canada

Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country, has always grabbed attention from the ambitious investors/businessmen and students across the globe because of its pro-business environment and first-rate international and intergovernmental educational institutions. No wonder, the concept of Immigration to Canada has inspired all, including the innumerable go-getting investors/businessmen and the seekers of quality education.

Immigration to Canada
Immigration to Canada

Canada for Business/Investment

The Maple Leaf Country’s robust economy and well-educated manpower are top reasons why numerous international firms either set-up or develop their business in the country. Highly appealing funding schemes and motivating options are obtainable to the countless firms/organizations investing and innovating in the overseas hotspot.

Making an investment or doing a business in the Maple Leaf Country is likely to reap rich harvests. Many easy-to-follow visa options are available to the candidates. The investors and businessmen keen to make a profitable investment can apply for the Investor Visa and/or the Entrepreneur Visa.

Canada for Study

Enrolling for a study course at any of the many first-rate institutions is likely to help one get quality education even as it is one of the dreams of majority of the overseas immigration-motivated youngsters. The students–who wish to study in any of the top universities of the nation–can realize their dream through the nation’s Student Visa. Students before applying for immigration to Canada, kindly take a look at these:

  1. If you wish to study further in the nation, you need to obtain approval from the designated college or university. The nominated institution for the purpose starts with the letter “O” whereas primary and secondary schools are exempted from this formality.
  2. You need to select the province or territory in which he wants to study. Check the complete list of institutions and then select the university preferred.
  3. If you are looking for a specific university, then type its initial or the name whatever is known to you.

Determine your Eligibility

  • The institution that you have selected must have accepted you to continue with your further studies.
  • A person must also prove that he possesses sufficient money to sustain his living in the country. He must be able to pay his tuition fees, living expenses, and way back home transportation costs.
  • He should be a law abiding citizen who does not possess any criminal record, and to prove this, he needs to obtain a police certificate.
  • He must be in good health and do not suffer from any kind of health ailments. His application must be supported by a medical certificate in this regard.
  • He must be able to convince the concerned immigration officers that he will leave the country after his authorized stay.

In some cases, a person need not obtain a Study Permit if he taken up a course that lasts for less than 6 months. If a wishful migrant is a family member of the foreign representative or foreign armed forces, then too, he doesn’t need a Study Permit to realize his dreams. After determining his eligibility for immigration, he has two pathways through which he can apply. Either go online or apply on paper.

Upon successful receiving of the application, the concerned officer may ask for more information on medical and security grounds. He may need to go through the medical examination and the complete instructions will be provided to him. The entire process may take 3 months, thus delaying the processing time for the visa.

An applicant along with his caretaker needs to submit police verification certificates. The processing time of the application very much depends on the specific visa and immigration office where the applicant has applied.

A person who applies online pays his fees through valid credit card and the applicant who applies on paper need to get the application package, pay his fees, and then submit an application at the relevant office with all the necessary papers.

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