Migrate to Poland–the Perfect Destination for Global Investors & Businessmen!

Global Investors & Businessmen

The stunningly beautiful and strategically located European nation of Poland is an essential component of the European Union (EU). It is one of the top destinations for foreigners to move to and take accommodation with the reason being–as mentioned before–it enjoys excellent geographical position in Europe.

Though the average income of people in the country is not very high, in case one places the same against the other EU states, the low cost of living complements effortlessly to this. The nation provides a fairly high standard of education to each of its residents, absolutely free of cost.

Poland Global Investors & Businessmen
Poland Global Investors & Businessmen

For any overseas person to reside in the country, they should get a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) to reside for a time-frame of over 3 months for any specific reason such as employment, education, family, etc.

Poland for Global Investors & Businessmen

Numerous individuals use the investment immigration path in case they wish to invest their money in the nation where they want to acquire the prized PR status. Such an investment is usually made for the advantage of the nation where the candidates seeks residency in. one is advised to get Poland Investor Visa or Entrepreneur Visa if he is keen to move to the country using the business or investment immigration path.

Basically two kinds of visas are available. They are:

  1. Temporary Visa–It is legally valid for not more than two years. It is possible for the candidates to renew their permit for over two yrs.
  2. Permanent Residency Permit–It is legally valid for a longer period, and in case one receives it, he is permitted to every legal power in the country. He may enter and leave the nation as per his specific will.

With a view to obtain an Entrepreneur Visa, the candidates require to present evidence of Polish housing, their employment agreement, papers that illustrate their capability to meet their living costs in the country. The entire procedure of petition frequently gets anywhere between 10 and 60 days. It generally depends on the type of the particular visa one has submitted an application for.

Receiving a Poland Investor Visa or Entrepreneur Visa is fairly easy. One has to follow the simple process that is decided by the Poland Administration, and obtain his visa. Investments are typically made for the benefit of the nation’s economy.

Poland–Picture-perfect for International Businessmen & Investors

The nation is an idea place for the overseas investors and businessmen eager to make it BIG in Europe and the world. Ever since the collapse of communism way back in 1989, the nation has done admirably well and risen increasingly, from a young nation affected by near-bankruptcy, a deteriorating infrastructure and an East-West identity catastrophe, to surface as a top (wealth wise) nation in the European Union (EU), alongside Germany, Britain, Spain and France.

As per a report from the Economist, the republic has had its finest moments of glory, and top 25 years in half a millennium, thanks to its comparatively speedy market-oriented recovery, reduction in public spending, etc.

For these specific factors and more, the nation was the only nation in the EU to get the better of downturn that hit Europe towards the end of the 2000s. More lately, the global embargos against Russia–post the latter’s attack on the Crimean Peninsula–have also gone in Poland’s favor, as several investors have discovered the same to be a comparatively safer, less unstable spot for their money.

Numerous observers on the issue presently opine that Poland will ultimately become a part of the leading 20 global economies, possibly by as early as 2030. At present, the nation is placed at the Number 22, 23 or 24, on the basis of the source. The country has grown in economic power, to a certain extent, because it provides the EU low-income still high-quality workers.

In case any nation really knows how to overcome crushing war and adversity, it’s, without a doubt, Poland. Having been duly invaded and provoked innumerable times over the centuries by countries like Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, Austria, and Germany, etc., it did not have much of a chance to find its place in the world.

Still, post a quarter-of-a-century of cease-fire and stability, the European country is lastly on a path to amazing success, climbing more quickly, vis-à-vis any other nation in Eastern or Central Europe, with no visible indications of losing its pace.

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