Poland for Global Investors–Decoding Top Factors

One of the largest nations in Europe (area wise), Poland is a nation of exceptional art, music, and literature; history; and geography. It growingly draws foreign business from across the globe, courtesy the new economic improvements.

The preceding 10 years have exceedingly fruitful for the nation’s economic growth & transformation. Becoming a part of the NATO way back in 1999 and the European Union (EU) in May 2004 have opened the gates of the Polish market wide open to the overseas investors and development possibilities.

The republic gets one of the largest pools of the EU aid for development and infrastructure even as this makes it extremely appealing to the investors from abroad. Its strategic location in the center of Europe where Western and Eastern values run into generates a perfect time for the expansion and growth of business.

Poland Global Investors
Poland Global Investors

The amazingly high quality and intelligence of the Polish manpower, together with a marvelous work ethic, allegedly denotes that manufacture is superlative there in. Significantly, Poland boasts of the largest consumer market in the Central Europe (8th biggest in the entire Europe). As investment in the country improves, so do the disposable revenues.

As mentioned before, there is good infrastructure and a high availability of high quality graduates in the country, who possess the imagination and who work with vitality. As a manufacturing hub, the country is well placed geographically to make the most of the markets of the Eastern and Western regions.

As per a report, in the Bloomberg’s 2013 rankings, the republic was declared the best CEE nation for business even as a report by Ernst & Young involving Attractiveness for Investment indicated states that inside a period of just 3 years, the nation will be second in Europe, next only to Germany. Though it has not been possible the nation is moving ahead on its path to economic success.

Given all this, Poland is righty considered perfect for the Global Investors. Now let’s find out why and how the republic is an idea place to do business or make profitable investment!

Excellent Geographical Location

The nation’s wonderful geographical location has played a key part in its growth and progress. Situated on the crossroads between the Western and the Eastern Europe, the republic is a good link between the East and the West even as it provides the huge market of Central Europe, for the object of trade and transport. Sharing geographical borders with Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, and Germany, etc., provides vast trade possibilities.

In addition, the country’s ports and more than 400km of coastline augment its trading possibilities. As a key member of the EU, the country also gains from a free and unrestricted flow of products & services. There’s no reason why foreign investors will not gain in a similar way.

Govt. Tax Incentives & Backing

Warsaw favors foreign investments and has started business-friendly improvements to decrease taxes. Investors from abroad in the nation get access not only to the thriving Polish market but also to the enormous market of the EU. It is possible for the investors doing business in the country to make the most of the lower production expenses as a new member, vis-à-vis those which are longer founded. The republic provides a large qualified manpower and its legal structure is shifting towards complete synchronization with the Western standards.

Access to Developing Economy

The nation stands out as a success story among the different transition economies since its liberalization way back in 1990, and nowadays it has one of the most successful and fast-growing economies in the whole Central European region. Its conversion to a democratic, market-oriented country made its profile better on the global platform.

The EU also recognized the Polish potential and it bigheartedly funded its development, and this in turn drew foreign investment. The nation is also a leader in Central Europe in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The country’s future looks exceedingly promising, courtesy the movement of foreign funds into its national economy.

All these and similar other factors indeed make Poland a wonderful place for the Global Investors. If you have high ambitions and wish to excel on the world map, there is no reason why you should not mull over the republic.

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