Illegal Immigration Racket Busted by French and Chinese officials!

Illegal immigration has become a major problem across the world. With illegal trafficking on a high, many nations have been trying to secure their borders so as to curb this evil which is partly eating on the resources of the concerned nation.

One of the recent encounters involves China and France cracking such a racket. This was network which sent a group of illegal Chinese migrants to Europe. According to the Immigration Ministry in France, many people from this network, led by a Chinese citizen along with a set of illegal migrants were arrested. This Chinese national was living in Paris. These people were arrested when parallel operations were conducted in France and China.

As per the investigations, each one of these illegal migrants had paid a sum between 12,000-15,000 euros which is equivalent to $15,000-18,000. This amount was paid in order to pay for the airfare to Europe.

The government of France praised the efforts made by the police in both the nations. They have even called for stronger ties with China in order to cut down on human trafficking.

Eric Besson, the Immigration Minister congratulated both the teams for tearing apart a network from China which went to Italy and Spain all the way to Luxembourg. The masterminds behind this racket were based in Shanghai and Paris.

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