Pilot Scheme Launched, Alternative to Child Detention!

The UK government has pledged to put an end to the detention of children in immigration centers. Keeping this in mind, the immigration officials have come up with a scheme which would see to it that these children along with their families would be deported from UK within weeks.

This measure has literally crashed the expectations of bringing about a better alternative to child detention. All those families with children who are to be deported would be given an ultimatum of two-weeks to leave the nation voluntarily. Incase, the detainees fail to comply, they would be told that they would be deported within the next two weeks. There might even be cases where in these people would not be given any particular date or time for deportation.

The UK Border Agency has launched this pilot scheme in the north-west of England to review the alternatives for child detention. All the undocumented migrants as well as the asylum seekers whose appeals have been rejected have been informed that they are participants in this pilot scheme when they go to the Reliance House of the UKBA in Liverpool.

According to a briefing paper by the UKBA made by the Head of Service, Asylum, Refugee and Migration Services, Nicola Rea shows two pilot schemes. This paper was leaked. One scheme was to be implemented in London and the other in north-west. These schemes were to be executed as part of the review for child detention.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, an announcement would be made shortly regarding the alternatives which could be used. Many refugee welfare groups are expecting that these measures might include electronic tagging, bail as well reporting requirements. He said this to the MPs.

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