Canadian National Gets Bail!

A Canadian national who hails from India has been given bail by a trial court. He was taken into custody last year where he was accused of allegedly encouraging the suicide of his spouse.

According to additional sessions judge Kamini Lau, keeping this thing in mind that the accused has been there in the custody since last year and after cross interviewing all the witnesses, the bail has been granted to Pawan Dass, the concerned man. In addition, Dass has been ordered to report his presence to the SHO till the trial is concluded.

Earlier, Prabhjit Jauhar, who is Dass’s counsel, confirmed that that Dass was falsely involved in this case. Richa, his wife committed suicide by hanging her body on April 4 in the year 2004. The family of Richa are still of the view that it was under the extreme frustration that this girl took this extreme decision of committing suicide.

It was on December 11, 2003 when this couple got married and within just one year, the suicide happened! Dass went to Canada in January in the year 2004. Prabhjit has since repeatedly said that Dass has been sending financials to his wife through Western Union Money transfer in a regular basis. In addition, talks of bringing Richa to Canada were also around the corner.

Now, the accused has been granted the bail as he has been ordered that he has to deposit his passport in the police custody.

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