Scope of Media in Quebec!

Media is a huge industry. Be it acting, production, Picturization, multimedia or any other industry, media has something to offer to everyone! If applicants associated with media industry are intending to immigrate to Quebec and work in some of the best media firms in the province, then this is the apt time. The province offers plenty of opportunities for you.

Here are some of the firms which are associated with the media industry: Post-Production Momentum Enr; Airia Inc; Laboratoire De Photo Couleur Sollevanti Inc; and Video S L Multimedia Inc; to name a few.

Media industry can be divided into various divisions. Be it television industry, making a career in radio, entertainment industry, music and tunes; and more. Be it acting in movies or making your mark behind the scenes, people linked with media can do miracles in this industry, and Quebec is one such place which offers them this scope! These days, online media has also come out as a huge boom in the media industry.  Plus there are various on-job-training and formal trainings which mould an applicant into a perfect professional in his or her field.

People linked with this profession are advised to take guidance from an Immigration and Visa expert ( and know about their chances.

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