Immigrants March for Immigration Reform

A protest march was conducted by around three hundred people in the heavy rain in downtown Everett, Washington to press the Congress regarding immigration reforms. As a memento of their contribution to the economy by the people, the protestors delivered a basket full of potatoes, tulips, squash and apples to the US office of Representatives.


The marching group consisted of people from different immigrant communities who had come together to visit the local offices of the Washington Congressional Representatives. The immigrants feel that they are also an equal part of the United States as they have worked hard to contribute to the country’s economy. The immigrant labor has formed an important labor force in the United States.

The demand from the protestors was to introduce a bill which would permit citizenship to the immigrants who are not documented. Along with this, they also urged for stricter security at the borders and pressing charges against companies and employers who are aware and still hire illegal immigrants.

According to them, as per one of the recent studies conducted by the Center for American Progress shows that the US economy could shoot up by US$ 1.5 trillion in the ten years to come. This is because these undocumented immigrants would then invest in homes, businesses as well as education.

The protestors feel that many families have been separated because of the policies at present. This is especially true for the children born in the United States to parents who are illegal immigrants.

Inspite of being residing unlawfully in the United States, they do not mean any harm and would want reside legally, contributing to the country.

On the other hand, a formal review is yet to be conducted but the government officials feel that offering a citizenship would be too lenient a process.

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